2019 TOUR Championship Volunteer Registration

The time is upon us to begin the preparations for our volunteer force for the 2019 TOUR Championship. It’s hard to believe, but as we sit today, we are 165 days away from the start of the PGA TOUR’s final event of the season. As you may have heard, participating in this year’s event will put you first hand in the midst of preparing our golf course for an inaugural change in format to the PGA TOUR’s final event of the year. The change in the PGA TOUR’s schedule puts our event at the end of the summer where the game of golf can truly “own” the month of August. We are all eagerly awaiting and excited for the changes to come!

The 2019 TOUR Championship will be hosted at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia from August 19th – 25th, sign up soon using the following link to ensure your participation in the event! We generally accept around 75 volunteers and prefer our volunteers to work with our team for the entire week. We understand not everyone is available for the entire week; therefore, all-week attendance is not required to be accepted, however selection will favor those who are able to volunteer for longer periods of time. 

Click Here to Sign Up: https://goo.gl/forms/iz2BAwfBIGCtxZ7i1

It is thanks to the tremendous support we receive from our vendors that we are able to accommodate the volunteer force so comfortably. Without them, the program would not be possible. There is a great deal of effort instilled by our Agronomy team to ensure our volunteers receive a “Once in a Lifetime” experience. Part of the volunteer’s accommodations will include the following;
·    Hotel accommodations for out-of-town volunteers
·   Shuttles from and to the airport. Shuttle service to the Agronomy department in the morning and back to the hotel at night.
·    Meals: breakfast, snacks, and a late lunch will be provided before the start of the PM shift
·    Uniform shirts plus additional outer wear
·    Educational opportunities through vendor sponsored sessions
·    Networking opportunities with industry associates including East Lake Agronomy Staff
·    The “Oasis” will provide the following:
§  Zero-gravity chairs for sleeping between shifts
§  Televisions to provide coverage of the TOUR Championship + more
§  Games: darts, golf games, corn hole, other fun stuff!
§  Drinks for volunteers to stay hydrated throughout tournament

*Travel to Atlanta, Georgia will be at the volunteer’s expense. Upon arrival the volunteer can expect the above accommodations to be provided at the expense of East Lake Golf Club*

Our Agronomy team strives to improve the volunteer experience year-over-year and we are looking forward to what the 2019 Volunteer Program will offer. The networking opportunities provided at this event cannot be overstated, and we are committed to ensuring all of our guest have an enjoyable, educational experience. YOUR dedication and help are the reason we are able to achieve the level of conditioning required for the TOUR Championship and we cannot thank you enough for your support. We look forward to seeing you at the end of August!

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