Golf With A Purpose - not just a motto

The East Lake Golf Club's motto since 1996 has been "Golf With a Purpose".  The club has been an economic engine for a neighborhood restoration that very few people ever would have believed could work.  For a terrific story written for Golf Digest, please click on the attached link:  At East Lake, a community built with golf's help sees a dream realized - Golf Digest

If you read the attached article,  you will have read that the Drew Charter School just graduated its first Senior Class.  This class was the first  to go from Kindergarten to 12th grade in the neighborhood school that was part of this remarkable project.  Eighty-two seniors graduated and every single one has been accepted to various colleges!

Because this was the first graduating class at our local school, and employees of our department have to be at least eighteen years old, this has never been a source of labor for the East Lake Agronomy team.  Fortunately for us, this has changed.  We recently reached out to the College Counselor at Drew about several seasonal positions we have unsuccessfully tried to fill.  Within a day we received calls from several interested candidates.  As these candidates were interviewed, it became readily apparent how well the Drew Charter School and the East Lake Foundation's work has prepared these young adults to succeed.  The candidates were on time, articulate, very involved in activities in and outside of school, and were outstanding students.  Each individual interviewed said that being able to contribute to the success of our department would be a gratifying endeavor as they help support their surrounding community.  Both Senior Assistant Charles Aubry and First Assistant Dustin Bucher, who interviewed these outstanding individuals, said the experience left them "invigorated and prideful that our careers are helping to support a model that is truly working!"  These young adults have been raised in an environment that has taught them how to make responsible decisions using the resources provided to them, and the coolest part is they are excited to begin the next phase of their life by striving to give back to that very environment that has nurtured them. 

Indeed, "Golf With a Purpose" is alive and well at East Lake, and we are all better men and women because of it!

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