Getting Tournament Ready: Volunteers Make the Difference!

The Agronomy team has recently launched our volunteer sign up for the 2017 TOUR Championship and we are already seeing great participation numbers! We cannot thank our volunteers enough for their support in helping us to achieve our goals; they truly are what makes the difference!  Every year we make a continued effort to improve the volunteer program to ensure that ALL of our volunteers are satisfied and feel as though their time was well spent. Our goal for this and future years is to develop a “Once in a Lifetime” experience for our volunteers. Our Agronomy Team is putting our heads together to come up with new ideas and features during the 2017 TOUR Championship “Volunteer Oasis” to ensure this goal is met. Take a look into what this program has offered in the past, and look forward to what is coming this year!

If you are interested in participating in the 2017 TOUR Championship Agronomy Volunteer Program, you may sign up here:

TOUR Championship Volunteer Video from Turf Republic TURFTUBE™ on Vimeo.

To gain a better understanding of how our property has changed over time, please take a moment to view our architect Rees Jones giving a tutorial on the history of the East Lake property. Many changes were made on the back nine in 2016 to create a more volatile ending to the TOUR Championship. A 4-hole playoff with Rory McIlroy draining a birdie on #16 to clinch the TOUR Championship and Fedex Cup certainly validated all the hard work put in by our Agronomy staff and volunteers last year.

Rees Jones shares his vision on the East Lake Golf Club layout from Turf Republic TURFTUBE™ on Vimeo.

It cannot be overstated the importance that our volunteers have on creating the agronomic success of the TOUR Championship. We are making an extended effort to ensure that we will meet our volunteer’s needs and desire’s this year by asking direct questions in our Volunteer Sign Up, focusing on what our volunteers wish to gain from their experience at East Lake. We’ve had tremendous support in years past and we are VERY excited about what is in store for the future. Thank you SO much to all that have signed up already for the 2017 TOUR Championship! We’ll see you in September!

2016 TOUR Champ Highlights from Turf Republic TURFTUBE™ on Vimeo.


Charles Aubry
Senior Assistant Golf Course Superintendent

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