The "Happy" Committee

The New Year is off and running and I think we can all agree that the Groundhog was not on his game for this year’s forecast.  February is coming to a close and temperatures have been more like mid-spring than late winter. As a result, the turf is starting to green up earlier than expected this year and the Agronomy department is excited and ready. I am especially pumped this year at East Lake because I am fairly new to the club and look forward to the months ahead leading to September and making a positive difference with our team.

East Lake has always strived to be a leader in the industry and we realize we are nothing without a great team. Appropriately, leaders in our Agronomy department have developed a program we affectionately call “Happy Committee”. I have been given the honor of leading this program with the help of Mandy Rowell and Lola Harper from our staff. The main goal is to keep our employees happy by doing small things to let them know that they are appreciated for all the hard work they do on a daily basis.

One of the things we came up with was to reward employees for positive performance. When an employee goes above and beyond on a given task, he/she receives their choice of either a Tour Championship or East Lake Cup flag. We have given out several already this year and the crew really seems to appreciate it and take pride in the flags. I hope in the future to get some signed by some of the Tour professionals/ East Lake Cup participants to be highly sought-after prizes.

I have purchased a dartboard for everyone to use on breaks that is mounted in my shop so guys can listen to music and hopefully build bonds.  We have done surprise breakfast biscuits for the crew. We have also implemented monthly birthday cakes to celebrate the employee birthdays for that month, as well as farewell cookies and cakes for years of appreciated service. We will be doing quarterly cookouts on property with our first being March 31st. Our gracious General Manager/COO and Director of Golf, Chad Parker,  has been kind enough to volunteer to cook for the crew as well for the first annual cookout. We plan on adding a horseshoe pit on site for everyone, as well as corn hole and ladder golf. There are many other ideas we are working on to include and I’m excited to be a part of this great department and club I now call home.

I hope in return the Happy Committee will create stronger bonds within our team and allow us to grow with each other to strive “as a team” to be the best Agronomy team in our industry.

Wesley Holsenbeck

Equipment Manager

East Lake Golf Club

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