Assistant In Training Experiences

I would like to thank Ralph, Shaune, and Jason for allowing me to be the Assistant in Training (AIT) here at East Lake Golf Club. Unfortunately, my time here has come to an end as I am being deployed to Kuwait with my Army Reserve Unit. I am proud of my time and accomplishments during my tenure here. Over these past nine months, the management team has been tremendous in educating, mentoring, and preparing me to succeed at my next course when I return.

I had originally interned at East Lake Golf Club, so when I received the call from Shaune Achurch asking if I would like to come back as the AIT, I jumped at the chance. Having been an intern here before I knew what to expect, but more importantly, what would be expected out of me. Looking back, I know I made the best choice both professionally and personally.

My role grew considerably from intern to AIT. New to East Lake this summer, we incorporated a PM crew. I was in charge of managing and tasking out their jobs for each day. Along with that, I also managed the crew on the weekends. I was also able to have a more active role managing small projects.

My biggest responsibility as an AIT here was my involvement with the fertilizer and pesticide applications. This is the area I felt I grew the most. Whether calibrating, spraying, or managing chemical inventory, it has been a great learning experience. Moisture management was another major part of my job, as I had the task of managing our greens’ moisture levels during the TOUR Championship. Although sometimes stressful and labor intensive, I took pride in seeing the quality of our greens during the tournament.

The Tour Championship played a big role in my decision to return to East Lake. To witness firsthand the amount of time and work that is actually put into the course was amazing.To watch the course blossom and peak in the weeks leading to the tournament speaks volumes on how well Ralph, management, and the crew truly know how to prepare the course for this great event.

I am truly proud of my time here at East Lake. I can honestly say that it was a joy to come into work each day. The staff was always present to help and prepare me for my next step professionally. I am already looking forward to coming back during the Tour Championship as a volunteer, knowing that Ralph and this staff will continue to show the true beauty of East Lake.



James Galvin

Please see below for James interview and photo of his last day.

James last day with East Lake


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