The Race To The Finish Line!

The race to the finish is well and truly on! As of today we are 24 days out till the top 30 golfers on the PGA tour converge to the hallowed grounds of East Lake Golf Club. Our agronomy team has been working diligently to make sure the golf course is in pristine condition. We encountered a few bumps in the road with around 5 inches of rain being dumped on us in 2 days. Unfortunately all bunkers washed out and alot of mulch beds washed out also. However the team worked hard and has the course in great shape.


The greens are near perfect at the moment. We have re-introduced using ultradwarf sand for topdressing for the mere fact it is much easier to work into the canopy of the plant. A little different than years past we have been topdressing the greens twice a week, this process follows behind ultra grooming the greens which we have been doing weekly. These two processes have greatly improved the texture of the green and the firmness.

Pine straw Beds

The contractors from Southeast Spreading have done their thing and whipped out around 5700 bales of pine straw on the property. All the beds look very fresh and rejuvenated.


If you've been to East Lake the last week or two you may notice the lakes have alot of algae on them.
To try to combat the issue we decided to restock the lakes with grass carp. The carp have a sweet tooth for algae so hopefully they can help us with that issue.

Please check back in on our blog. As tournament approaches we will add more videos and updates.

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