The Final Count Down!

Its hard to believe the tournament is almost upon us, 11 days to be exact.

I think for many of us in the South we have had professional experiences that we may have not expected to see this year. For example the 2013/2014 winter will be one that will be remembered. Whether it be snow, temperatures, winter kill and now the plague of army worms, we have no choice but to keep moving forward.

At East Lake we are extremely proud of our crew. They have been through it all this year from snow removal, covering greens in pinestraw, our 9 day closure where the hours start at sun up and end past sundown. They have stopped for nothing.

This past weekend we hosted the annual East Lake Invitational. All proceeds raised from the event go to The East Lake Foundation. We had celebrities such as Bill Murray, Richard Jenkins, Charles Barkley, George Lopez and many more take part in the event. All in all everybody had a great time and plenty of money was raised for the foundation.

As soon as the event was over we shifted all of our efforts to start fine tuning the course for The Tour Championship.

Currently all of our cutting heights are at tournament standards. A challenge we have faced has been the rough. We grew the rough up to two and a quarter inches and recently knocked it down to two inches. You may be thinking that is crazy! The theory behind that is the PGA Tour Rules Officials believe two inch rough is more difficult than higher height rough simply because at two inches a player may have a rip at a green (and end up in more trouble) instead of chipping out sideways if the rough was higher. Makes sense I guess! The purpose of nipping the rough down just before the event is to reduce leaf tissue on top, thus allowing balls to settle more deeply into the canopy.

Greens, tees and fairways are in great condition at the moment. We have started to dry cut the the fairways and the results have been sound. We have achieved a much cleaner precise cut and have not needed to drag or blow any clippings, allowing us more man hours on other tasks.

The final piece of the build-out (Public viewing platforms) has been completed today which was the grandstands at 1 tee. All we need now is the top 30 players of 2014!

Please continue below for a look at our go pro video for the week. Thank you for viewing our blog and check back in next week for Advance Week Preparations.


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