87 Days And Closing Fast!

AS of today we are a mere 87 days away from The Tour championship Presented by Coca-Cola.
To some this may seem like along time, to all of us in the turf proffesion it is a short period of time for a golf course that will be viewed all over the world.
The weather has been great in Atlanta, greens, faiways and roughs are all currently thriving and growing rapidly. We hope mother nature continues to smile upon us!

This year we implemented a pm crew, this is the 1st year we have trialed this system, basicly what it is we have a crew start at 12pm and work till 8pm. It gives us a great opportunity to be more efficent and maximise the work we can carryout on the course whilst there is no golfers around.

As always our main focus has been the greens. We are really steping up cultural practices in led up to The Tour Championship. On a weekly basis we are using our ultra groomers to remove the unwanted top growth. This week we back tracked verti-cut at a 1/10th depth and followed that process with a back track mow and topdress. As of now our goal is to repeat this process on a bi-weekly basis.
Looking ahead to July we are scheduled to be closed from the 1st of July to the 9th of July, in that closure period we will aerifying with a 5/8th tine ahead of the dryject process.

Intern Garrett Cannady Back Track Verti-Cutting
In other areas of focus we have put alot time into extending beds and sodding bermuda rough areas. Over time the shade canopy of the trees have increased, almost making it impossible to maintain quality bermudagrass.

The photo above needs no explanation.

Finished mulch bed.

Finished pine straw beds.

Intern Austin Hood working on sod prep.

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