Shade Issues

After a long week of volunteering at Sawgrass I returned to plenty of green grass and sunshine. To say Ralph and the crew were busy while I was gone would be a extreme understatement.

One of the projects that was completed was shrinking the small putting putting green. "SHRINKING", yes I did say that word. As you will notice in the photo above there was no chance to grow quality turf on the small putting green for the simple fact that shade from the willow oaks and bermuda grass don't mesh so great. This was a short term fix, we still have plans to move the green at some point.

If you notice in the photo above the quality of turf was far from ideal. The shade affected area was stripped down and replanted with a TifGrand collar and 419.


Here is the finished product, the green was originally 3952sq ft now measures around 2952sq ft.




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