Good Luck Kyle

          After three and a half years, today will be my last day as assistant superintendent at East Lake Golf Club.  I have accepted the position as Golf Course Superintendent, at The Ford Plantation in Richmond Hill Georgia.

          My time here has been a blessed one.  I came here a fresh, young-faced assistant and I am leaving a seasoned vet.  There is still a lot for me to learn, but my time here at East Lake taught me so much.  I have helped lead our agronomy department through four Tour Championships, countless aerifications, vertical mowings and pesticide applications.  I have spent many summer afternoons in irrigation holes and sub air boxes. I have learned the ins and outs of finely maintained turf, whether it was our greens, tees, or fairways.  I have expanded my knowledge on managing different types of turf, from tournament conditions to winter blizzards.

          The agronomy department helped make my time here an enjoyable one.  They taught me more, than I  taught them.  The golf course would not be what it is, without all of their hard work, dedication, and love for their golf course.  Ralph Kepple and Shaune Achurch were instrumental in preparing me to take the next step in my career.  Ralph has been the Golf Course Superintendent at East Lake, for over 20 years.  What he taught me, is invaluable to a young assistant and newly minted superintendent.  Shaune Achurch was a great help.  He was a second set of eyes, that viewed the golf course the same way I did.  Shaune and I worked together very well, from the beginning.  I know East Lake will continue to shine with Ralph and Shaune at the helm of the agronomy department.

          My time here at East Lake Golf Club has been well spent.  I will honestly say that, "I left East Lake Golf Club a much better human being, and more confident in my abilities to manage my own course."  I wish the club and the agronomy department the best in their future endeavors.  I know the golf course is in very capable hands.

Kyle Johnson
Kyle's parting gift from Ralph.
Kyle and his side kick Keira

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