Pine Straw Removal

Yesterday around lunch, temperatures in metro Atlanta finally climbed above freezing. We started the arduous task of removing the layer of pine straw which we used for added insulation while the "polar vortex" system passed us by.
Our process involved removing one side of the covers, a team of back pack blowers and rakes blowing the pine straw into the rough, then we used our Goosen and Agrimetal turf vacs to pick up the piles. Seeing that the temperatures were around 26F last night we recovered the greens for safety precautions.
We decided to store the pine straw just in case another system of duration moves in before spring.
While we did not finish removing pine straw yesterday, we are fortunate to be closed today which will give us a nice buffer to be ready for play tomorrow.
Please see below for photos and videos.

Removing covers.

Blowing the greens off.

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