Greens Are Covered!

Records show that the most susceptible periods for bermudagrass cold temperature injury has been early winter, around Christmas, or late winter, such as early to mid-March. In the early winter scenario, the bermudagrass may still be green due to a mild fall and has not hardened off, then a severe cold front passes through plummeting temperatures from 50s-60sF to the 20sF or upper teens the next day. Some research shows that the most injury to bermudagrass occurs between 18F and 23F.
The 5 day forecast has Sunday night's low showing 23F with a high on Monday of 28F, the low Monday night will be 10F and Tuesday's high will be 25F.
For this reason we put our covers out yesterday morning in order to trap some of the latent heat in the soil to help buffer the expected drop in soil temperature. This will help protect the bermudagrass greens from cold temperature injury.
All hands on deck were required to pull the covers, especially the larger greens that require two covers - and in the case of the big practice green - three covers.
As of now we are closed and are not anticipating removing the covers until Wednesday, when the temperatures are forecasted to rise above nighttime lows of 25F or lower.
Please see below for some photos.
A view from 6 tee.

Big putting green.

Chipping green.

9 green.

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