Effect of pine straw under greens covers

The above video was taken at 2:00 pm on January 7, 2014 after a night in which our low temperature reached 5 degrees. The temperature at 2:00 was 21 degrees with a wind chill of 11. This green has been covered since January 2, and there is no pine straw under the cover. Kyle cannot get the soil thermometer into the soil more than 1/4", despite this green receiving full sun most of the day.

This video was taken at the same time as the video at the top of this post. The only difference is that we had installed 2-3" of pine straw under the cover on January 5, before the arctic blast arrived. As you can see in the video, the soil thermometer easily pushes into the soil, revealing a temperature of 28-30 degrees. This green is shaded most of the morning.

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