East Lake Agronomy Update

We are now 14 days away from the first practice round of the 2013 Tour Championship. Mother Nature has been very cooperative the last week and a half. With warm temperatures and sunshine the golf course has come into its own " tournament condition." The weather has allowed us to start implementing tournament practices that help get the golf course to the peak it needs to be for tournament.

Bunker Perfection. We are starting to check the depths of all bunkers on the course.
After such a rainy winter and summer, the sand in our bunkers has shifted a good bit.
We are moving sand around to ensure a consistent playing surface for the players.
Bunker depth checker. We use a soil probe to check the depth of our bunkers. Notice
the black tape on the probe. It is set at 2 inches. We use this mark to ensure uniformity and consistency in all
of our bunkers. 1 inch of sand on the face, 2 inches of sand in the transition and 4 inches on the bunker bottoms.
Applying the final fertilizer to the fairways. This application is being
applied in a 3 to 9 direction, to avoid any skips or over spray.
These signs are up on the light poles around East Lake Golf Club.
The City of Atlanta puts them up welcoming the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs to Atlanta.

Fairway mowers performing the final circle cut prior to the Tour Championship.
Circle mowing fairways allows for a true cut, mowing all blades of grass multiple times. This ensures
the Zoysia grass fairways are perfect for the top 30 golfers of the PGA Tour.




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