Day 4

The course held up well yesterday, greens rolled true and allowed scoring opportunities if fairways were hit. Green firmness is improving on a daily basis as is the green speed. At the moment our current green process involves a double cut in the morning followed by a afternoon mow.
Humidity is low and high skies which means the is a good chance of moisture loss in the greens. Our hand waterers have done a great job maintaining our specific percentage on the greens.
Our volunteers and caddies have done a magnificent job in providing great conditions in the bunkers, we actually put a broom in the bunkers today to eliminate some wavy ruts in the bottom pan of the bunker.

Please see below for photos of our loyal volunteers and crew.
Tenia Workman and Newton Ware leading the charge on fairway divots

AIT Ben Thompson and Robert Kuhn checking greens

Panoramic of clubhouse and 6 green

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