Day 1 practice Rounds

Today starts tournament week, however there will be no golfers on property due to yesterday's play at the BMW championship which is still underway at the moment.
The positive is that we got to do a test run of our volunteers and get the procedures down to perfection.
Greens were almost at tournament speed after a back track mow. Bunker raking went as smooth as could be expected and all in all a smooth morning. Thanks to our volunteers who helped in the am shift, please see below for photos.

Rocky Dreibrodt blowing tee surrounds
Alan Corbin blowing tee surrounds
Lee Dupree and Wallace McNair raking bunkers
Taylor McCauley and Tom Fonner raking bunkers
Representatives form UGA Clay and his assistant checking firmness on greens
Big Ben Thompson checkiing moisture levels on greens
PGA tour agronimist Jeff Haley scouting the course
Jon Garbe and Kevin Sims
Ricky Wisniewsky raking bunkers
Greg Morris raking bunkers
Pete Signoretti doing process checks
Alan Kepple and Greg Hutchinson raking bunkers
Dean Crouch mowing lasers
Hector Arbolada mowing greens
Flags are out and ready for the players


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