Advance Week Preparations

The agronomy team is rocking and rolling through advance week, with only 5 days of tournament prep remaining to put put the final touches on the course. To say we have been busy this week is a understatement with tasks such as bunker perfection, dry cutting fairways, clean ups on fairways, tees, mulching beds and hand watering hot spots is just a few of the tasks that have keep us busy this week. Fortunately we received some extra help this week from the East Lake caddies. They have played a major roll in bunker perfection and putting the final touches on the mulching process.
Finally we can say that Mother Nature has smiled upon us, giving us some great growing conditions and hopefully a dry week for the Tour Championship. This week we increased our intensity on the greens, a single mow in the morning followed by a afternoon roll, which in turn has greatly increased green speeds.
Fairways are looking near perfect at the moment, with cutting heights being lowered and being cut dry the texture and density has greatly improved. Please check below for photos.
One of the more difficult processes to achieve perfection is the bunkers. However after our bunker perfection process the sand traps look fantastic, so much so that the PGA tour agronomists only found 1 bunker out of a possible 73 that needed some extra work. The process involved checking depths on the face and the bottom pan of the bunker then distributing the sand where needed. Then the final touch is watering the face then rolling and compacting with a squigee.
Please see below for some photos from this week.

Signage will point you in the right direction.
Stands around 16 green.
Mulch team putting on the finishing touches
Chick-Filla suite
Shot of 18
One of the many refreshment stands.
Signage near the chipping green
Flags installed
Grand stand behind driving range
6 green
13 fairway after dry mow
15 fairway after dry mow
16 fairway
14 fairway
View from 17 championship tee
8 fairway
5 fairway
4 fairway
Not a bad lie on property.


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