Tournament Prep Update

      With the 2013 Tour Championship 45 days away, the course and facilities for the tournament patrons are coming along nicely.  With the tents along holes: 12, 14, and 17 taking shape, the agronomy crew is definitely getting into their "tournament mindset."  Once the crew sees the tents go up, we know that there is no turning back.  We have a countdown in the employee break room, counting down the days to the Tour Championship, but seeing the tents already up, it makes them see how close the championship really is.  The Tour Championship is the highlight of the year for us, and we all teat it as such.  We are all looking forward to the 2013 Tour Championship and hosting the Top 30 players from the PGA Tour here at East Lake Golf Club.

The tents going up along the right side of # 17 Fairway.  This
is the view from # 6 Tee.

The tents along the right side of #12 fairway.  These tents
will also tie in behind #12 green, creating "tent city."

These are the tents behind #12 green and # 13 tee.  Notice the tents in the
background.  They are tents along the right of #17 fairway.

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