Controlling Moisture Content

In a light hearted way it is comical that we are posting a blog about the subject at hand with the current rainfall totals that have have been upon all of us this summer.
However prior to tournament it is crucial that we have the greens dialed in at the desired percentage that the PGA tour is looking for. In years past the base number has been around 12% on the greens, the wilt point of the MiniVerde greens at East Lake is around 9% so as you can imagine this is a fine line to manage. Prior to tournament we are looking to condition the greens in a percentage range from 14-16% moisture. This allows enough breathing room from increased mechanical stress and everyday play.
As you will notice in the photos below we use pin flags to indicate where increased moisture is required. One flag represents a increase of 1%, 3 flags represents a increase of 3% and so on. This method allows us to be spot on and maintains a uniform consistent playing surface.
Please see below for videos.

A shot of the field scout 300 with a custom pin flag holder

After 22 reads on the green the average is right where we like

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