Course Update

Yesterday was another very productive day at East Lake, we had the opportunity to do a circle vert- cut on the greens at a 1/8 inch depth. For those unaware of what verti-cutting is,it is analogous to pruning. Instead of horizontally cutting the greens, like a normal greens mower, the verticutter has knives that cut vertically into the green which cut off lateral blades, stems and stolons of grass. When we say circle verticut all we are doing is cutting in a circular pattern. You may ask why? Well the circle verticut allows us to vary our direction of attack into the grain pattern.
Once the verticutting had a good head start, we followed behind with the sweep and fill brush and then backtrack mowed the greens.

Seeing that we are only 48 days out from tournament we recently started squaring all the tee boxes. At East Lake we have steel pins at all four corners of the tee boxes.  We use a metal detector to locate the pins, set up our string line and remark the tee to its original shape.

Hopefully within a few days our new Clear Water Systems wash pad will be installed and in use. There are currently 199 of these wash pad recycling systems in use, all in Europe.  East Lake will own the first Clear Water System in the United States. The system uses a large underground storage and treatment tank to produce fully recycled water that meets drinking water standards in the UK..
Please check below for video and photos.

Circle vert-cut at 1/8 inch depth
Orgainic material removed
Tee alignment
Another shot of tee alignment
16 Green 27 days post graden
A close up of 16 green
17 Green 27 days post graden
A close up 17 green
1 Green 27 days post graden
A close up 1 green
Removing the 1000 gallon tank form the storage container.

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