Course Report

With the closure of the the course there have been a number of projects we have attempted to finish up prior to reopening on the 11th of July. The fairway and championship tee conversion is well under way with the tees being cut out and ready for sod, also a number of fairways have been cut out until the deluge of rain fell on us within the last few days.
All bermuda tees are currently being scalped down, this is prior to having the graden unit (not sand injected) run over them at a half inch. This process will remove a good amount of thatch build up and promote a tight upright growth pattern.
All approaches have been Verti cut and mowed. We are currently in the middle of aerifying around greens and collection areas with a 5/8 tine. This process will help relieve any compacted areas around the surrounds.
All green sprinklers have been raised and leveled. This process was undertaken two years ago, however when you see the photo you wouldn't believe it.
A few passes around the fairways in the rough has been vented using a aerway unit which is towed behind a tractor. This unit does not pull a plug instead it's tines leave somewhat of a slit about 6 inches long and deep while shattering the soil beneath the turf to relieve compaction.
Some serious work on the bunkers has been carried out. First they were all edged and fly mowed, then we had our crew follow with what we like to call bunker perfection. This process involves checking the depth of sand on the faces and also the bottom of the bunkers. This will not be the last time this process is done, it will be done several more times before tournament to get the bunkers in peak tournament condition.
All we need now is for the sunshine to come out and temperatures to hit the typical July range. As most of you know, the hotter it is the more bermuda greens enjoy it.  Following the graden process we just carried out, the brighter it is and the warmer the temps the speedier the recovery time. The greens have been fertilized to aid the recovery, but without the sun shining the plant will grow vertically as it tries to collect sunlight. With good sunshine and normal July temperatures, the normal horizontal growth will occur, and this will improve the recovery time drastically. We have now gone a week without a sunny day, and that is not conducive to good turf growth.

This is 15 Championship tee ready for Zorro zosia

Sod work in fairways.

This is the Aerway we used to vent the roughs.

A before shot of leveling heads.

During the process of raising heads.

After the process is complete

Bunkers being flymowed.

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