Course Report Part 2

Finally the sun decided to shine upon us and no precipitation! Prior to Monday's sunlight it had been ten days since we saw any sunlight in the metro Atlanta area.  With the cultural practices we carried out on the golf course, we are in need of more sun and warm temperatures to get the turf to recover from the work that has taken place.
Yesterday we put a 1 ton vibratory roller on the greens. We did this to try to regain some firmness in the greens that we lost when the aeration and graden sand inject procedures were carried out.
Today the greens were first rolled with a tru turf roller to get any creasing out the the heavier roller may have caused. Followed by the roller was a Verti cut at 1/8 of a inch deep. All of the Verti cutting was down one direction down grain. After the Verti cut the sweep and fill brush was put on the greens, this evenly spread and filled where the Verti cutting may have disrupted the surface.The final procedure on the greens was a single cut, as you could imagine the greens were very hairy to say the least. The greens mower could only make two passes before having to empty the bucket on the mower.
All green surrounds and chipping areas have been aerified with a 5/8 tine at a spacing of 1.5 inches. We used a heavy drag mat to shatter the cores then followed in with a TC-125 sweeper to clean the remainder of the debris.
Sod work on fairways is coming along nicely, all of the minor imperfections on the front nine are complete and the team is heading to back nine to wrap the project up.
Check below for photos and videos.

Close up of 17 green 2x graden top dressed with white sand.

17 green after sweep and fill.

16 green close up 2x graden, top dressed with green sand.

16 green after sweep and fill.

7 green surround after being aerified.

Sod team on 9 fairway.

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