Bermudagrass Control in Zoysiagrass using Turflon Ester and Fusilade II

It is hard to see in this photo, but just across the water in the middle of the picture is a zoysiagrass target green (without a flag on it). Behind this are four, easily seen target greens that are a lighter green color. The lighter colored greens were sprayed with a misture of Turflon Ester and Fusilade II. The green in the foreground was not treated. This photo was taken ten days after treatment. For the first six days the treated greens were much more yellow in color.
This photo is a close-up of stunted bermudagrass in a zoysiagrass fairway from the treatment. The zoysiagrass recovers from the herbicide in seven to ten days, while the bermudagrass remains stunted - looking like it is dormant - for three to four weeks. This gives the zoysiagrass an opportunity to spread back into the area overrun by the bermudagrass. The applications will be repeated every four weeks through the summer. We ould continue into early fall, but with East Lake hosting The Tour Championship by Coca-Cola in September, we have to stop earlier than what is optimal.

We are planning an aggressive approach this year with these applications to help us recover some of the area we have lost over the past several years.

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