Tee Aerification 2013

With more favorable temperatures in the upcoming forecast we took the opportunity to aerify our zoysia and bermuda tees. This will be a short term disruption with long term benefits. This process relieves soil compaction and prevents an excess of thatch build up.
Over time traffic from mowing to excessive play can tend to compact the soil - particularly the heavy clay we have in Georgia.
The aeration process creates more air space in the soil and promotes deeper rooting, thus helping the plant stay healthy. In the case of our aerification we removed close to a half inch cores from the tees, allowing for a infusion of air and water that will bring a surge of growth.
After the tees were cored we dragged the cores and blew the tee off.( see images below)

Aerifying the tees.

Dragging the tees

This is the drag matt that was used.

This photo was taken after the drag, but prior to being blown off.

And here is the end result.

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