New Drain Line On 15

After a considerably wet winter we discovered a significant drainage problem at #15 Green side bunker. We located the drain in the bunker, and tried to flush the line hoping to remove any sand or debris that may have been logged in the pipe. Unfortunately,  there was no wire trace in the drain so we couldn't be accurate while trying to locate the drain.

After trying to flush the exit line of the bunker, we found the end of the drain line.  We tried to work from the end of the pipe to see if we could locate the clog in the pipe. We did remove some debris, once we flushed the line no water was evident at the end of the pipe. We came to the conclusion that somewhere between the end of the pipe and the bunker was the block in the pipe and having no trace wire running with the pipe, it was difficult to find.  We brought a contractor in with a 200 foot pipe snake with a camera at the end of the snake, and within 10 mins he located the block and depth of the pipe.

After locating the pipe we dug a few feet away from the block, cut the pipe and this is the result.  Water drained like we had hoped, so we were ready to re route the pipe to a closer drain basin.

The image above shows the turf cut and ply board laid so we are ready for the trencher.

To reach the required depth of the pipe, we hired a ditch witch with a 70 inch trenching bar.


 A successful trench dug out, no main lines hit and ready for pipe.

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