After the Storms...

Here is a pile of clippings collected at the front of the fourth green from the heavy rains Wednesday. The dark spot is where I took a handful of clippings out of the pile. There was a ridge of clippings nearly three inches high where I took the handful from.

This collection of clippings is on the seventh green. We have seen this situation more this winter than ever before. I attribute it to the fact that we are still growing and mowing grass this winter, which hasn't been the case in past winters. Even though we have buckets on our mower to catch clippings, we obviously don't get them all!

This is the front bunker at the seventh green. You can see a substantial amount of washed-out sand and a heavy collection of silt and peat moss from our peat moss edges in the bottom. We have to remove all this debris first, then move the sand back into place on the slopes, rake the bunker with a mechanical rake, smooth the edges with squeegies and rake the bottoms with leaf rakes to restore the bunkers to playable condition. It will take the entire crew two to three days to repair all 72 bunkers.

This is another example of a washed-out bunker. There are 71 others that look just like this one, only most are much bigger!



Here is a brief video of how we removed the collection of clippings. Basically every green had a substantial amount and the process took a better part of the day to remove.

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