Magnolia Removal at #3 Green

We recently removed one and trimmed     Finishing up final grade of old bed, post
up three Magnolia trees      removal of Magnolia tree.
around # 3 Green.  This was necessary in order to allow more sunlight to reach the backside of our #3 green.  The entire back portion, especially the back right portion of the green, struggled.  Going into winter, with shorter days, we were concerned for the health of the green.

You can see in this picture how big the tree was, in comparison to the width of the green. We did some minor contouring of the site to allow water to filter to a nearby drain.  We filled in the finished site with 419 Bermuda sod, and added new mulch to the newly shaped bed of the existing Magnolias we had trimmed up.

Players now have a clear view back to the third hole from the fourth tee.  It also allowed for a steady amount of sunlight to hit the green, which will help in the health and playability of the green.  It took approximately 4 to 5 days, from the start of this project to the finish.

          Finished project.  You can see how open the area
          looks.  This is deceiving for the golfers, when they
          attempting their approach shot from the fairway.

Creating an edge so the new
sod and existing turf are flush.
This will allow a golf ball to
continue to roll into the new rough.

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