Leaf and Debris Mulching

                During this time of the year, all of our deciduous trees start losing their leaves.  It takes about two to three months for all of the trees to drop their leaves.  During this time we send blowers out all day, clearing fairways, tee boxes, bunkers, greens and green surrounds. We use backpack blowers on our greens, tees and bunkers.  We then use tractor blowers to blow the leaves into piles, or into open areas.  We take a Bush Hog TDM11 mower, pulled by a tractor, and run over the piles of leaves.  The Bush Hog does a great job of chopping up the leaves.  There are two sets of blades in the mower, one that helps suck up the leaves and the other that chops the leaves up into fine peices.  We have to run the mower over the piles several times, in order to get the leaves into a manageable size.  We then take a Goosen Vacuum and suck up the smaller peices, or we leave the peices of leaves in the same area.  We leave some piles out in the field, because it serves as a great organic source for the turf the following Spring and Summer.  It also helps act as an insulator for the turf, helping protect the turf from cold temperatures, frost, and even snow.  This protection from the cold, as well as extra organic material, helps the turf better survive the winter cold.

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