Ultra Grooming Greens

Golf courses that don't groom their greens on consistent basis might still look presentable- much like a person who only occasionally brush his or her teeth- but eventually, the lack of grooming habits will catch up with you. Granted, a lack of greens grooming will not result in anything as serious as a filling or a root canal, but the course members' complaints are likely to become more common as green speeds become more erratic.
Grooming your greens is important because the process keeps greens smooth and quick. It reduces grain and removes excess top growth. But as mentioned, you must be consistent about grooming the greens. If not, the benefits that you worked on could be gone in as much as a week.
Our plan at East Lake is to supplement a grooming process with our bi- weekly verticut program. The beauty of using the ultra groomers is it's far less labor intensive and also provides the ability to groom in play because there is no visual impact to the greens.

If you notice in the photo above the spacing on the ultra groomers is very tight. This gives us a great chance to remove as much of that unwanted top growth as possible.

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