Fairway Extensions

Over the years, the 419 bermudagrass along the perimeters of fairways has encroached into the Meyer zoysiagrass to varying degrees. Our focus is on regaining the widths of the landing areas, many of which are adjacent to fairway bunkers. Our plan for the fairway realignment include mowing pattern changes and applications of departure and fusilade to the bermudagrass. Then when the course is closed from the 2nd of July to the 10th, the dead bermudagrass will be replaced with zoysia. The plan is to extend the zoysiagrass intermediate back to its original position. The end goal is that each of the targeted fairways will be widened by an additional two yards. Below is a example of what we are trying to achieve.

4 Fairway
(Red line represents old fairway line, black line is the new fairway line and white line is the new intermediate line).

Here is another example of 5 fairway.

4 Fairway after being sprayed.

5 Fairway after being sprayed.

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